Margaretha Stramecki - Watercolors and Beaded Jewelry 85331


Mixed Media Artist

“My art is an expression of my quest for beauty and peace in this life. Through my work I hope to touch and soothe the souls of others.”

Margaretha paints in an imaginative style. Fantasy prevails in her depiction of the desert, the ocean, the tropics, birds, butterflies, flowers, and mystical ladies. She is a juried member of the Arizona Artists Guild, the Arizona Watercolor Association, and the Sonoran Art League. Her works are collected worldwide. She is available by appointment for commission work and private viewing of her original art at her home studio.

Painting is many things for me. A major release of emotion in a creative way. I can place feeling on paper with color and water. My imagination travels into the realm of the unknown and allows wonderful images to appear. Watercolor itself is magical. The interplay of watercolor, water, and brush is a beautiful mystery unto itself. Learning to go with the “flow” is the most delightful joy of this medium.

For information and pricing on my artwork, please reach out to me via the contact page or call.